Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Sailing through Adversities"

In life we will come face to face with adversities.  Adversities and sometimes heart wrenching adverse situations will present themselves to us:  no matter how religious, educated or the amount of wealth we have accumulated no one is immune to adversities, obstacles and failures. It is our mind-set that will determine if we chose to go through or grow through these difficult times.  How we overcome our adversities, gives birth to who we really are.  When we respond constructively to our adversities, obstacles and failures we give birth to our innate qualities of strength, character, and perseverance. Once we are cognizant that we will encounter tempestuous currents in our lives it aides us in sailing over the turbulent waters more smoothly. When we cultivate our spirits with non negotiable faith, prayer, resiliency and emotional strength, there will not be an adversity that we cannot overcome. There is wisdom in each difficult situation.  The wisdom is in knowing that after every difficulty that comes, ease soon follows.  Everything in life has its proper time and place and no matter how seemly the odds looks against you, this too shall pass by you. Determination, prayer and resiliency enabled our ancestors whom overcame and survived daunting and grueling obstacles: whom lands were penetrated and they were exported from their homeland and used as commodities. Our ancestors also witnessed their husbands, wife and children being sold off never seeing them again and even worse when the Arab stole tusks from our homeland and our great aunts, grandmothers, and cousins had to carry their children on their backs while carrying ivory tusks that  our invaders  had stolen from our homeland on top of their heads. Their determination to keep her children safe fueled her strength to carry on, because she knew if she allowed herself to become too weak to carry both her child and the ivory her child would be killed or left for the vultures and scavengers to eat. Sisters we have their blood running through our veins, they are an integral part of us. Our ancestors survived unseemly insurmountable adversities, so can you.  If they survived, surely you can summon enough strength and courage to overcome your temporary situations.  What is your fuel that feeds your soul ? Do you posses that  unbreakable no matter what obstacles that may confront me I will face each and every one head on: spirit?  Are you awakening to the lessons and blessing  that  each adversity as taught you?, Affirm your soul with the allowing  each  lesson to guide you through the next difficulty so you can live a successful productive life. That is what you want isn’t? Sail through your adversity with triumph! 
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